Podcasts.scot is a new venture under development.

Via an instantly self-identifying and memorable domain and visually exciting web site with integrated content marketing features, Podcasts.scot will become Scotland’s premier destination portal for podcasting in Scotland.

Categorizing shows across topics from history, creative writing, business and politics, Podcasts.scot will provide a single platform for aggregating and amplifying lots of independent authors.

While sites like Spotify et al have massive traffic levels the reality for most shows is they are too lost in the noise to enjoy much of this, a few mega hosts attract the bulk of the traffic.

Thus Podcasts.scot will cultivate the ideal blend of scale with niche specialism, large enough to attract a sustainable footprint while still specialized enough such that small authors are a highly visible part of the brand and site.

Revenue lines for the venture will include:

  • VIP Podcast Services – Production and marketing of podcast shows for corporate sponsors.
  • Dedicated Site Campaigns – A larger version of the service that includes a dedicated site and domain, like this one.
  • Media Ventures – Large-scale standalone titles that generate their own revenues.

The exciting and enormous potential of the venture is highlighted in particular by this last item, where shows can act as a feed for media giants like Netflix. Podcasts provide the creatively fertile, low cost process ideal for originating new ideas for titles, developing the script, characters and initial audience feedback for further development into a TV show or movie.

Highlighting the core ideal of this venture there are a number of great Scottish podcasts to showcase, including the Scottish PodcastStories of ScotlandThis is ScotlandFolklore ScotlandSimply ScottishLesley RiddochTalk Golf ScotlandScottish Enterprise and the Scottish Business Network.

These highlight the central goal of cultivating a rich ecosystem of content covering multiple topics from history through creative writing, business and politics.

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