what better way to engage with potential customers than the fastest exploding medium on the Internet?

It’s a booming trend with millions listening to a wide spectrum of authors and topics. Ad revenues are expected $2 billion in 2022 and $4 billion by 2024.

So how can you create and promote them? Read on..

Podcast Tools and Services

A quick overview of the podcasting market and tools you can use to create them:

Getting Started

Buzzsprout offers a guide for creating your podcast, and Clipchamp describes how to create a video podcast. Resonic walks through how to set up your podcasting studio.

Creating and enhancing podcasts

Tools like Alitu help you easily create high quality recordings, Acast enables large scale distribution and advertising sales, Transister also automates publishing to social networks like Twitter, Youtube and Spotify, and Audiocado enables you to turn your podcasts into videos – Digital Context says video is key to podcasting success.

Integration with Youtube

Co-producing videos & podcasts is a key theme and naturally Youtube itself is a major distribution market, where they offer thousands of shows; Ranker lists the best podcasts on Youtube.

Waave explains How to Upload Your Podcast, which Catos also explains in detail. Also transferring the other way is key, such as publishing your Youtube videos as podcasts. Captivate explains How To Podcast On Youtube, and Riverside offers a Six Step Guide for getting started.

Highlighting the potential for this market is the March news that Youtube considered a Podcasts home page, as they are getting serious about them, including paying podcast authors and hiring their first dedicated exec. In this blog they announce their first ever podcast, The Upload.

Business Promotion

Of course the fundamental question for business sponsors will be why invest in this medium, what can they hope to gain from marketing spend on podcasts? To answer this we can explore some great case studies and best practices.

For example Bluewing describes How 7 Companies are Killing It Through Branded Podcasts, citing examples such as Slack, Shopify and Basecamp, and Westwood details best practices for replicating their success. Backtracks lists another ten examples, and Feedspot offers a directory of 100 of the best, with TEDx as the first. Bluechip corporates like McKinsey publish their own podcast.

Quill offers a comprehensive guide for how to create Branded Podcasts, and Riverside analyzes the best ones to distill what you can learn from them.


And of course for Scottish businesses looking to market themselves that is what we are here for. We can promote existing podcasts and provide services to create new ones.

Contact us to discuss.

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