Scottish Digital Leaders

Podcast Series

Interviews with Scotland’s thought leaders and pioneering innovators to explore how Scotland can become a world leading digital nation.

Building a World Leading Scottish Digital Nation

The Scottish Government has defined an inspiring ambition to build a world leading Scottish digital nation.

Achieving this goal presents a myriad of steep challenges, and in this podcast series we’ll call upon the collective expertise of Scotland’s digital leaders to explore how they may be overcome.

From digital skills shortages to strategies for the adoption of key technologies like the Blockchain, AI and the Metaverse, the series will provide a deeply thoughtful exchange that will inspire and catalyze the further action required to realize this bold vision.

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Mark Anderson - Revitalizing Scotland's Digital Skills Strategy

The principle challenge for Scotland’s digital nation ambition is developing the breadth and depth of skills required. Mark explores how Scotland can accelerate it’s skill building capacity.

Tim Atkins - Developing a Blockchain Strategy for Scotland

From cryptocurrencies to government records, the Blockchain can provide the foundation layer for digitizing Scotland.

Susan Wright - Women in Tech in Scotland

Susan discusses the progress Scotland has made thus far to elevate the role of women in Scotland’s tech sector, and what more needs to be done.